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A. Rory Baldwin

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Equipment Experience: Sony VX2000, Sony PD150, Canon XL1, Canon XL2

Training Courses: Director's Foundation Weekend (Chris Thomas/Raindance), Hands on Directing for Film and Television (Patrick Tucker/Raindance), HighlandStream (Digital Video for the Web, Channel4 Ideas Factory), GoNorth Teamwriting workshop (Jim Eldridge/Amanda Millen/GoNorth), The Story Room (Paul Welsh/Digicult)

Computer Programs: Final Draft, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Home Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks & Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel


Jyrojets: One Last Drink in the City (2009)
Concert Film / DV / dir. Alex Collett / prod KandA Films for Shaun Arnold/Jyrojets
1 Day shoot
Camera Operator

National Lottery Xtra: Orkney Pony Club (2008)
Promotional Short / DV / dir. Simon Rochfort / prod. Michelle Lanaway for Initial/Endemol
3 Day Shoot
Assistant Producer, 2nd Camera

Inverness Highland Games (2008)
Documentary / DV / dir. Alex Collett / prod KandA Films for Highland Council
2 Day Shoot
Camera Operator

They Call Him Daniel (2008)
Short / DV / dir: S. Tjurin / prod. E Sweeney
5 Day Shoot
1st Assistant Director

The Co-Op’s Green Dream (2007)
Documentary Short / DV / dir: A. R. Baldwin / prod. Designlike for Fairpley Ltd
2 Day Shoot
Director, Camera, Writer, Editor

Inverness Military Tattoo (2007)
Documentary / DV / dir. Alex Collett / prod. KandA Films for Unique Events
1 Day Shoot
Camera Operator

Outsider Festival (2007)
Documentary / DV / dir. Alex Collett / prod. KandA Films for Unique Events
3 Day Shoot
Camera Operator

Measured (2006)
Feature / DV / dir. Alex Collett / prod. KandA Films
11 Day Shoot
1st Assistant Director, Co-Producer, 2nd Unit Director/Camera
Responsible for planning entire films schedule around a cast of 11 actors with vastly differing availabilities, for a film shot entirely on location on 11 days over maximum 14 day period. Film was completed on schedule using cue cards and Microsoft Excel as organisational tools. On-set duties included keeping tally of completed scenes, organising and running the set and crew movements in liaison with the lighting and art departments as well as assisting the director with managing the cast during shooting. In addition one of my songs was used over the end credits.

Big Venue, Little Venue (2006)
Documentary Short / DV / dir: A. R. Baldwin for Channel4 IdeasFactory Scotland
5 day shoot
Director, Camera, Writer, Editor
Produced 4 minute documentary short to a brief in the space of one week as part of a Channel4 IdeasFactory workshop on streaming video. Film gives an overview of the genesis of the Inverness music scene over the last 10 years.

Hair of the Dog (2006)
Sitcom Pilot (30 mins) / DV / dir: Alex Collett
5 Day Shoot
Production Assistant

Sons of the Sixth Sun (2005)
Trailer / DV / dir: Andy Philips
2 Day Shoot
1st Assistant Director
Shot as an avenue to procure funding for a feature. Filmed entirely on location, including several hours night shooting interior and exterior. Due to small size of crew, duties also extended to assisting with equipment (lights & camera), running clapper board and log sheets, and directing some minor scenes in liasion with DoP.

Nowhere Near Tokyo (2005)
Short Feature (25 mins) / DV / dir: Alex Collett
6 Day Shoot
Camera Operator/Camera Assistant, Score & Sound
Responsible for camera log sheets, camera equipment on set and assisting the director in setting up shots where required, as well as monitoring and operating the camera for the majority of the shoot. Score and sound mix written in collaboration with local musicians.

Hushed Mantra (2005)
3 Minute Short / DV / dir: Alex Collett
Single Day Shoot
2nd Camera Operator, Score & Sound
Utilised a two camera shoot - largely handheld - for maximum coverage over limited time. Was given responsibility for composition of own shots etc. Composed largely percussion based score and soundtrack for the piece.
Short-listed Finalist, Three Minute Thriller Competition

Glass Tear (2005)
45 Second Short / DV / dir: Andy Philips
Single Day Shoot
Actor, Camera Assistant, Additional Music
As well as assisting on the shoot, I stepped in at the last minute to act in front of camera. Also re-arranged and recorded the Glass Tear song the film was based around into a rock version for end sequence of film.
Short listed Finalist, Microsoft Thought Thieves Competition [link]

The Steve Kelly DVD (2005-ongoing)
Interactive DVD Project / DV / dir. Steve Kelly
Single Day Shoot, in studio
Camera/Sound Operator
Responsible for filming menu footage for DVD project from pre-arranged plans, in co-ordination with stills photographer. [link]

The Man Who Learned How to Die (2005)
Short Feature / DV / dir. Ro Goodwin
7 Day Shoot
2nd Assistant Director, Acting 1st AD for two days
Duties including assisting 1st AD in preparation of schedule, attending & co-ordinating talent, supervising and co-ordinating extras, including half a day's multi camera shoot with local emergency services and multiple extras, as well as a day's blue screen work, and co-ordinating script and camera logs.

Practice Makes Perfect (2004)
Short Feature / DV / dir: A R. Baldwin
1 Day Shoot
Writer, Director, Editor
Experimental short cut together from misc. basketball footage as an editing exercise. [youtube link]

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